Client Testimonials

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Triple A RV

Triple A RV Center, Tami Lewis


Hi I’m Tami Lewis from Triple A RV Center, your family-owned RV dealership for over 30 years. We have the largest inventory of New and Used RV's between Eugene and Sacramento and a state-of-the-art service and repair center.
When we have computer issues we always call ITs Managed. Our account manager is great about diagnosing the issue and sending the tech with the right information and equipment to fix our problem. I feel they always listen to what we need and never try to sell us things we don't need.
Really important for us was ITs Managed Equipment Audit. Wow, did that put things into perspective… what’s good, what needs help, and what is well, worthless! Now we finally have a game plan for our computer network.

Quinns Well, Tami Hollenbeck

Quinns Well, Tami Hollenbeck


Hi I’m Tami with Quinn’s Well, Pump & Filtration Service. Our large, qualified staff can respond quickly to your emergency and we sell and service everything related to your well all under one roof. Quinn’s has all of your water needs covered from getting it out of the ground to having pristine quality water for over 40 years!
Today technology is so important to the daily operation of our business. When we have a computer problem ITs Managed understands the urgency. There is not a single problem that ITs Managed has not been able to fix in a timely manner. ITs Managed understands our daily operations and as a result we have virtually no problems with our network. We also appreciate getting an estimate for repairs and finding that our actual cost is often less.

Cascade Metal Recycling

Cascade Metal Recycling, Lynn Roemer


We buy and recycle all kinds of metal including appliances, machinery, autos and auto parts. We’re very environmentally conscious. And Cascade Metal even has employees that will help unload trucks or trailers.

Before ITs Managed it was a gamble finding someone we could trust and depend on to maintain our computers, especially when you don’t know what you need or what to ask for.

Now we actually have a network! We can share information across the office or across town. ITs Managed sat down with us several times and watched how we worked and devised a program just for us. It’s so easy, we take for granted how well things run around here.

Riverside Readymix

Riverside Ready Mix, Lorie Schroeder


Hi I’m Lorie Schroeder, President of Riverside Ready Mix. We have one of the largest redi-mix truck fleets in Southern Oregon, and we’ve been serving the Valley’s concrete needs for over 40 years. When we have computer issues we always call ITs Managed. They’re at our office quickly  with simple answers. All of our employees have their own computers with different programs, and ITs Managed keeps them all working. Everyone from ITs Managed is always very professional, very pleasant, and very efficient. We really don’t know how all these computers work but we want to keep them working, and ITs Managed does a great job for us.

Met One

Met One Instruments, Richard Toone


Hello, I'm Richard Toone, System Administrator for Met One Instruments. Met One is an expanding and agressively local-owned company that provides environmental montoring products and services world-wide, and jobs locally. As System Administrator for Met One, I am responsible for all our computers, networks, and telephone systems. When I need help, instead of hiring another I.T. employee, I call ITs Managed. ITs Managed saves us money by helping to solve our computer issues at a fraction of the cost of a part-time employee. I would describe ITs Managed as knowledgable and professional. Our computers, and networks, have very little down-time, and that saves our company money. I would recommend ITs Managed to any company seeking help with their I.T. needs.